About Us

Artisanal Hemp Wick is the #1 choice in Canada made entirely of natural, organic products and handmade by Quebecers.

Have you ever thought about what you inhale when you light your joint, bong, bang, pipes and other? Most people use the famous butane lighter. Do you know that burning butane is very harmful to your lungs? Artisanal Hemp Wick thought of you ! The alternative to this toxic flame is Hemp Wick.

What is it?

Our Hemp Wick is a natural product, it is actually cannabis that has no psychoactive property. At harvest, the hemp is dried, then put in fiber and yarn. Our Hemp Wick is all natural and organic. It contains no pesticides, no whitening agents and no chemicals. The hemp is gently dipped in the 100% natural beeswax from Canada. The Artisanal Hemp Wick is entirely made in Canada for a high quality result !

What are the benefits for you?

If you care about the health of your lungs, let Artisanal Hemp Wick help you not breathe the burning of butane when you light your herbs.

  • NO chemicals
  • NO launderer
  • NO GMO
  • NO plastics
  • NOT made in China
  • NO paraffin wax
  • NO pesticides.

What more can be said?! Try it now!