Hemp Wick 200 feet

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If you think to get you 200 feet of Artisanal Hemp Wick, is because of you are generous! In addition to have Artisanal Hemp Wick at home, in your car, in each and every of your pants pocket, in each handbag, in your secret hiding place, around your pipe and your bong. You have a such of a big heart! You give gift to your friends because your conscious of their health!

  • Artisanal Hemp Wick is the #1 in Canada. It is made with only naturals, organic, Canadiens hand made products.
  • Tastes like heaven!
  • If you are worried about you lounges health, let Artisanal Hemp Wick breath butan for you and light some good herbs.
  • NO chemicals products, NO bleach, NO GMO, NO plastics, NOT made in China, NO paraffin wax, NO pesticides

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