Hemp Wick 3 feet

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The 3 feet lenght is for peoples who want to test for the firt time Artisanal Hemp Wick. After this purchase, you will want to upgrade for  bigger format!

*These  samples are  free ! Maximum of 2 by customer.


The only negative thing with Artisanal Hemp Wick is that your friends want to try it!

  • Artisanal Hemp Wick is the #1 in Canada. It is made with only naturals, organic, Canadiens hand made products.
  • Tastes like heaven!
  • If you are worried about you lounges health, let Artisanal Hemp Wick breath butan for you and light some good herbs.
  • NO chemicals products, NO bleach, NO GMO, NO plastics, NOT made in China, NO paraffin wax, NO pesticides


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